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American Mastiff and Bull Mastiff

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We have an American Mastiff Male, which is an American Bulldog and English Mastiff cross.  That produces a taller version of the Mastiff, but with the same great qualities of the English Mastiff.  They still drool alot, but not near as much.  They are great family pets and wonderful protectors of their family.


We also have a BullMastiff female.  She has the stockiness of the BullMastiff but isn't quite as tall as her siblings were.  She was the runt of the litter.  She is brindle in color (tiger brindle) and generally has a full litter of 10 or more.  This litter is of 10 puppies, some brindle, some fawn (like our male mastiff) and a couple white ones with brown markings.  They are beautiful puppies and this is her third litter.  Both parents have wonderful personalities and are very good with children.  The cross between the American Mastiff and our BullMastiff produces wrinkles, just not as many as the full blooded Bull Mastiffs.  The white is a throw back from the English Bulldog that was used to create the Bull Mastiff.  CKC states that it is rare to have white throwbacks, but it does happen.

We are not a kennel, nor are we a puppy mill.  We simply have two females and one very active male, that had puppies.  They need good homes to go to with lots of love.  When the puppies are ready to go to their new homes, they will have their first shots and they are wormed now. 

Mastiffs --
Family Members, Friends, and Protectors